Abductees in northern Uganda thought to be in South Sudan

May 20, 2016 at 2:25pm


Uganda's Daily Monitor has more details of a raid in the north of the country earlier this week in which 20 people were abducted.

According to the report, Ugandan police said 20 people have been abducted in the north of the country, close to the South Sudanese border.

Police blamed the attack, which happened on Tuesday, on "suspected militia members from South Sudan", the AFP quotes a local police chief as saying.

The security forces say they are now working on the rescue.

It says that the authorities do not know the whereabouts of those who were taken, but a local official says that it is likely that they are now over the border in South Sudan.

It is thought that the attackers themselves are from South Sudan.

The Daily Monitor quotes local army official Lt Andrew Kandiho as saying that the attackers took goats and other provisions.

“We are also working jointly with security operatives in South Sudan to ensure those people are returned,” he added.

Source: OutsideGhana/BBC


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