Gov’nts who fail to tackle corruption must be booted out- Mr. Baako

May 21, 2016 at 12:59pm


Editor-in-Chief of the Crusading Guide, Kweku Baako Jnr.
Editor- in- Chief of the Crusading Guide, Alhaji Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr. has urged the citizenry to vote out any government that refuses to deal effectively with corruption expeditiously during its tenure.

With the never-ending saga of the GYEEDA misappropriation of funds which is currently undergoing due process of the law, the seasoned journalist has vented out his anger at the way the issue is being handled all in the name of due process and has suggested that the issue be fast tracked so as to apply some punitive measures to defaulters.

Speaking on JoyFM’s News File, Saturday May, 21, the vociferous CPP member said,

“I will advise that you [Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs] fast track the process….I think people want to know. This GYEEDA thing has been going on for a while and if people are not getting any answers, then it appears there’s a cover- up.

"[If government delays], then we find the government guilty. We indict the government and punish them at the polls. The only way you can deal with government is to punish them at the polls…the elections, that’s how you punish them. If you can’t find individuals who you’ll assign liabilities to so as to prosecute those individuals, then you punish the entirety of the government by voting it out.”

Source: Ghana/ Teye Dasinor


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