SC NHIS card ruling: Court was quite "forthright & clear"- Justice Dotse

May 26, 2016 at 4:23pm


Justice Dotse
One of the Justices of the zenith court of the land, Justice Jones Dotse has reiterated the court’s order for any of the parties involved in the Ramadan v. EC case to return to the court and seek interpretation if he feels “aggrieved” as according to him, the Supreme Court’s ruling is devoid of any ambiguity and “I don’t want to interpret the judgment”.

The ruling had to do with the use of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards as a means of identification for registration onto the electoral roll.

Speaking to newsmen in Accra Thursday, May 26, Justice Dotse however sought to explain the Supreme COurt's “forthright” and clear” nature.

“The Supreme Court was quite forthright and clear that the use of the NHIS cards is unconstitutional because the [criterion] for the NHIS cards was not based on Ghanaians citizenship, but only on residence in Ghana. So, any foreigner who is resident in Ghana for six months and more, can register under the NHIS; that was the basis upon our decision in 2014. And the recent one we said the use of the NHIS cards is, therefore, unconstitutional; they should take the opportunity to clean the register of those undesirable persons,” he elaborated.

The Supreme Court ordered the Electoral Commission (EC) to clean the voters’ register in its ruling involving Abu Ramadan, former National Youth Organiser of the PNC, and one Evans Nimako as Plaintiffs and EC and Attorney General as Defendants.

The court, presided over by Chief Justice Georgina Wood, ruled that the EC should delete the names of all dead people, minors and persons who used the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards as means of identification to register. However, in order not to disenfranchise Ghanaians who registered with the NHIS cards, the court also asked EC to use steps in the remits of the laws of the land to ensure they are registered.

This ruling resulted in divided opinion as to what its correct interpretation is; the Electoral Commission on one side said the Supreme Court did not order it to delete from the electoral roll names of persons who registered with NHIS cards in addition to the deceased persons and minors as it claims there’s no existing law which permits the EC to delete electorates who registered with the NHIS cards as that will result in disenfranchising such persons without a proof that they’re non- Ghanaians. Abu Ramadan who took the matter to court on the other side, said the contrary.

Credit: Classfmonline
Source: Ghana/ Teye Dasinor


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