10 highest paying jobs with a 4- year degree

May 29, 2016 at 11:27pm


Getting through a four year college degree program can be grueling. There are late nights of studying, plenty of time sitting in class taking notes, group projects, and papers to be written. Going to school can also be expensive, making the burden of college even greater. To help offset these drawbacks, the following ten jobs pay well and can only be had by those who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. The beginning pay for each field is given, plus what can be made halfway through a person’s career.

10. Purchasing Manager

Most companies and organizations have buyers or purchasing professionals who acquire goods or services that are necessary for everything to operate properly. The purchasing manager supervises these activities, which requires them to be personable and analytical at the same time. To start off, the median income is $58,000, while those who stick with it through the middle of their career might see the average pay of $97,000 yearly.

9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Everyone knows that a good portion of our economy is driven by computer usage. For that reason alone, computer hardware engineers are important, and their pay reflects that fact. They also work hard to modify and design computer parts that facilitate excellent speed, efficiency, and reliability. Those who are fresh out of college can expect a median salary of $58,000. Staying in the field midway through one’s career can generate the median yearly income of $93,000, making it a job that is well-rewarded.

8. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedicine is one of the hottest fields in engineering today, which mixes medicine with biology, math, physics, and chemistry. People working in this field help create devices and other equipment that solves medical problems for a variety of populations, sometimes even completely reversing the effects of an ailment or condition. Pursuing this path comes with a median starting salary of $54,800. Continuing in the profession brings a mid-career income level of about $101,000, making the hard work required in school worth the effort.

7. Mathematician

We’re not talking about teaching math at any grade level, but instead applying mathematics to various industries. Mathematicians provide solid solutions for big problems businesses and other organizations are facing, with numbers to back up their work. Those who pursue this field are looking at a median starting income of $56,400. That figure grows to $101,000 once a mathematician reaches the midway point in his or her career.

6. Sales Management

Plenty of people work in sales, but it’s those who are overseeing their activity who can do particularly well. Sales managers set best practices, quotas, and policies in place, plus divide the work into territories and monitor goal achievement. For this, the average starting pay is $51,760, while the median mid-career income comes in at a healthy $101,640 annually.

5. Nuclear Engineer

While most people think that nuclear engineers work solely in power plants, the field also involves discovering uses for radiation and nuclear energy for industrial and medical applications. The payoff is a cool $63,900 as a starting median salary, plus the ability to work up to a median mid-career income of $104,000 annually.

4. Electrical Engineer

Generating power and getting it to people who need to use it is a big job. Electrical engineers not only help with that, they also help design, test, and even manufacture different electrical equipment and systems used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The average starting pay is $60,800, which then grows to $104,000 annually for people who are midway through their career.

3. Chemical Engineer

Who knew that liking to play with beakers full of different liquids could pay off so well? Chemical engineers work in just about every industry out there, helping use chemicals and other materials to create things of value, like plastics or biomedical substances. For all their effort, chemical engineers can expect a median starting salary of $64,800, while those in the middle of their career enjoy a median annual income of $108,000.

2. Aerospace Engineer

Most people know that engineers in general do well for themselves, but aerospace engineers with a bachelor’s degree rank higher on the pay scale than most others. For helping design the latest developments for airplanes, spacecraft, and defense systems, the median starting pay comes in at $59,400. Sticking with the profession comes with a median mid-career salary at a respectable $108,000 per year.

1. Petroleum Engineer

By going into a field where you develop methods for extracting oil out of different areas, you can also extract a rather sizable salary with only a bachelor’s degree. Speaking of school, being strong in math and science is a must for going into the field. The median starting pay is $93,000. Those who are midway through their career can expect a median salary of $157,000, making it an attractive field to go into.

Source: OutsideGhana/msn


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